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Ubud Water Palace

The Ubud Water Palace is located on Jalan Ubud Raya, very near the market and next door to the Lotus Cafe. In the daytime, it is nice, with large lotus ponds reflecting the gorgeous Balinese architecture of the Palace facade. But by night, this place becomes magical.Several evenings a week a local "woman's only" dance troupe performs in front of the Palace.Although touristy, it is well worth the price and the dancers are gracious, well trained and it is especially wonderful to see the little girls, some no older than 9-10 years of age, performing as well./p>

ubud water palace
ubud water palace
ubud water palace

ubud Water Palace is reachable after an approximate hour's drive north from the provincial capital of Denpasar. Many visitors find the palace a convenient stopover, as it is strategically the focal point of Ubud, with the Ubud Art Market, various local and international restaurants just steps away along the main Jalan Raya Ubud.The community meeting hall or bale banjar is just across the road, with the famous Babi Guling Bu Oka warung, serving acclaimed spit roast pig, alongside. The sacred monkey forest of Padangtegal is just down the southern intersection, following through the Jalan Monkey Forest Road.

ubud water palace
ubud water palace
ubud water palace

Ubud Water Palace Information

A Tips For You
  • Fine more information before visit here
  • Bring you guide to follow you during see puri saren because no tour guide local here
  • Bring a camera or video camera
  • Mahabarata Dance Perfomence also offer here in the night
Time Visit and location
  • Jln Raya Ubud, ubud water palace
  • Open Time 08.00 am - Until 16.00 Pm
  • Night dance perfomence on 19.30 Am

Enterence Ticket Free

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