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Legong Mahabarata Epic Ubud

Code : UVHD4

Legong Mahabarata Dances Epic are merged with stories and history in Bali. Many focus on the Sanskrit epics of India which are literature that convey cultural beliefs and structure. The two most well known are the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The Ramayana has 24,000 verses and portrays the ideal characters of life such as the perfect servant or father. The Mahabharata, is the longest of them all. It is more philosophical and focuses on the goals of life. Both are brought to life through performances and storytelling. Balinese and Indian cultures are closely linked. Bali's population of four million is largely Hindu, unlike the rest of Indonesia which is predominantly Muslim. This is demonstrated once you step foot on Bali's shores and learn that the island is dotted with about 20,000 Hindu temples and shrines.

mahabarata dance
mahabarata dance
mahabarata dance

We arrived 5-10 minutes before the show and got good seats, but a bit on the side. If you get there 20-25 minutes before, you can enjoy a beer and get more centered seats. Along the walk to the show, you'll be hassled by many children trying to sell you tickets. We suggest buying your tickets from these kids, but only infront of the show (this way you're certain they're legit.) We did this, and the kids came up to the ticket takers with us to ease our minds.Follow the story in the brochure. The little brochure that acts as your ticket also explains the show. It's a good idea to read along, that way it becomes more interesting. NOT that it isn't interesting, but the show runs a bit long, and without reference, you're not going to know what's going on or when it ends.

mahabarata dance
mahabarata dance
mahabarata dance

Video Legong Mahabarata Dance

Legong Mahabarata Dance Information

A Tips For You
  • Arrive a little early for front row seats
  • Buy your tickets from the kids in front for a better deal
  • They serve beers & drinks there
  • Bring a camera or video camera
  • Follow the story in the brochure
  • Be prepared to sit for a while
Time Perfomence and location
  • Jln Raya Ubud, Puri Saren palace
  • Time Perfomence 19.30 Pm
  • Name of Troupe : Jaya Swara
  • Buy ticket Directly in puri saren palace

Ticket Price Legong Mahabarata

Ticket Price IDR Or IDR USD 80

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